REAB is a Sacramento Regional Real Estate Brokerage, experienced in the smooth transaction and transfer of real estate.  With 30 years working, observing and writing about real estate issues, SJK offers trained, experience in the selection, location and financing of real estate purchases, and the management of real estate assets.  Real estate can be, most often is a savings account.  The past nine years again demonstrated the asset nature of real estate.  REAB remains aware of the 2008-2009 episode but the current recovery (123 months) remains based upon real estate valuation.

Steven J. Krohn  Real Estate Broker #01050932

(916) 456-6085 (916) 501-6085

Alicia Sharp Real Estate Agent #01262526 (916) 607-2564 (916) 684-9893

Alicia first entered real estate sales in july 1999, offereing solid production ever since.  Her knowledge of real estate law, the details of real estate contracts, and negotiation remains unparalleld in the region for many clients, including Spanish speaking clients.  Tury a delight to watch he handle a transaction from start to end.  Call her.