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Welcome to the REAL ESTATE ANALYTICS & BROKERAGE website.  Included pages offer information necessary for acquisition or disposition decisions concerning real estate.  Real market conditions suggest limited inventory.. Federal Reserve eased their target rate for Federal Funds hoping to reestablish the yield curve, which inverted slightly, owing to a surplus of longer-term funds in the market…seemingly as a result of stronger US dollar, a slowdown in US trading partners, and the progress on the power struggle about CHINA trade.. Eventually, rates will begin to move in response to  FED policy, probably lower as economic indicators slow slightly.
Presidents do not control the FED, and should not.  All know this expectation and tradition, so disregarding tweets the best course of action.  Consumer confidence posted a record high in yearly 2019, and employment numbers, a major consideration posted 2.1 million jobs for the year.  So the economy seems comfortable with the uncertain political and COVID environment and curious twitter sideshow.
So sellers considering sale should make plans now..but understand the adjustment process…. perhaps a V-shaped recover gets underway and the pressure on home prices continues, and if mortgage rates remain flat, prices can expect upside pressure….Lower mortgage rates suggest higher prices since the working price of a house is the monthly payment……..

COVID-19 still a longer-term threat to economy and the housing market even though shorter-term data indicate rapid recovery and realization of pent up housing demand.  Interest rates still favorable as government floods the markets with dollars.  Guessing Modern Monetary Theory seduced policy especially on the Democratic side. Seems to assume money not a commodity…

Only time will answer the question….as is the direction of DEMOCRAT strategy….and their apparent push for socialism.

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